The answer is YES!!!! Research as shown that Therapy delivered electronically is more effective than face to face… Cognitive behavioural therapy delivered electronically to treat people with depression is more effective than face to face, suggests an evidence review led by McMaster University. See our blog page with research articles to read that proves it!!!


Unfortunately, insurance companies will have a perspective similar to cosmetic surgery – it’s great, but it’s not medically necessary. Insurance does not usualy cover ‘Couples Counseling’. Insurance only covers what is seen as “medically necessary” in regards to treatment of mental health disorders.

If a therapy practices allow you to use your health insurance for couples work, they must choose one partner as the main client, give them a mental health diagnosis, and then given a number of allowed sessions. Sessions are required to meet insurance documentation guidelines for the treatment of the diagnosis rather than the goal of couples therapy.

****Keep this in mind if/when you will be requesting a Superbill before your first session.


There are limited spots for accepting Aetna, Optima, Cigna, and United. These services will be outsourced through another agency. This agency is out of network with all other insurance companies. However, we are happy to provide a Superbill to submit for any out of network benefits you are eligible with your plan.

Sliding scale appointments are also available and require submission of a paystub prior to arrangement and session scheduled. An Invoice will be created and payment is due by scheduled session or session will be canceled or rescheduled.


Brainspotting is similar to EMDR but different , it works amazingly to heal your brain from trauma and release trapped emotions in your body, it’s easy,simple and effective!). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Brainspotting Empowers your Mind to do the Necessary Healing! Brainspotting is a powerful, advanced form of trauma therapy that can access parts of the brain that are hidden from one’s awareness. Brainspotting has a powerful effect in uncovering and healing emotional and psychological wounds you may never have known existed but may actively be affecting your daily life, decisions, and choices.

Brainspotting treatment works best for individuals who are struggling with anxiety disorders, panic-attacks, attachment issues, childhood trauma, post-traumatic stress, Grief/Loss, and more. *Not for treatment of disassociations


We may keep a credit card on file in a HIPAA compliant portal and charge your card following each session. If this doesn’t sit well, then payment can be made over the phone prior to your scheduled session. Other options include health savings account, and all major credit cards. All payments are due by scheduled appointment. All credit cards accepted and HSA/FSA as well!


We respectfully ask for 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment as who have reserved that time and date exclusively for you. No Shows and late cancellations can result in a charge $50 fee. If an unexpected emergency arises we will try to reschedule you as soon as possible within reasonable time. We know life happens… it’s ok!


A superbill is a document that contains all of the information necessary for an insurance company or other third party to make a decision on reimbursement for health expenses incurred by a client. It is not a receipt. It is not an invoice. It is not a claim.  A superbill provides the client with the information they need to work directly with their respective plans.


We suggest  Reimbursify, a website and app, which uses an image/screenshot of the Superbill well provide. They file the claim and follow up for you. The charge is approximately $2 per claim. Then Boom! It is the fastest, surest way to claim your money back, when a practitioner doesn’t accept your insurance plan.

Learn More about the Steps to Submit your Bill & when you qualify!!


If you are seeking Couples, marriage and relationship counseling, insurance for covering this specialty area can be challenging. Marriage/Couples Counseling is not always covered, and if it is, it can be limited in allowed number of sessions you are allowed.

This is a specialty focused service that focuses ion healing relationships with yourself, and the relationships you have with others! Advanced education and trainings are behind the quality therapy services you will receive with Avenues of Hope! We can promise you, the passion and dedication to growing ourselves, our specialty interventions, and investment in helping you, is our mission!


The No surprises Act or Good Faith Estimate was created to prevent clients from unexpected medical & healthcare costs. The costs are difficult to determine in Behavioral Mental Health and Psychotherapy, due to the length of treatment and type of interventions required. This is not a one size fits all, and can vary with every client. How long it takes to heal and recover is dependent on many variables. A GFE will be happily shared upon request with your clinician.


Your emotional well-being is a vital requirement to overall health & wellbeing! Having the right skills and healthy mindset sets the stage to creating and maintaining quality relationships, it fosters self-esteem, and rebuilds the relationship with yourself! An investment in your mental wellbeing is priceless. You deserve to create the life & future waiting for you!

So, if you need help, don’t let money be the thing that keeps you from getting it.


If you have ANY questions that we haven’t answered, please contact us here.

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