Telehealth is Most Effective!

Telehealth IS Effective!!

We have advanced beyond the Pandemic, beyond technology, and now we bring advanced technology in Mental Health, to YOU!


People often question, “How Effective is Telehealth?” “Is it just as effective as in Person?”.. And the answer is, YES!!!

In Fact… Research is now showing.. it’s Better than Face to Face!!

The pandemic has revolutionized the delivery of mental health care. In addition, there is increasing evidence of a mounting surge in mental and behavioral health care needs because of the pandemic!

 Studies have demonstrated its effectiveness across a range of modalities (e.g., telephone, videoconference) and mental health concerns (e.g., depression, substance use disorders).

Virtual services are safe, effective, and comparable in outcomes to in-person services. However, prior to COVID-19, Telemental health was used primarily to provide services in areas that otherwise do not have access — Telehealth is now used throughout the country!!!


Brittany is very passionate about healing, psychology, mental health, holistic health, wellness, yoga, energy work, and anything that brings people to a place of hope, peace, enlightenment, conscious awareness, and healing!

Trauma Survivor.. who is passionately helping heal one beautiful soul at a time 🙏

“I have learned that everything happens for a reason, or a season, along with the people we meet on our path.. and I hope to be that catalytic turning point for you!”

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